Do you have goals for 2017? I hope you do! We all need goals and Sensational Shakes is ready to help you reach your potential for wellness this year. We have created a “You’re a Star” tracking sheet for you.

Whatever your water goal is for a day, give yourself a star when you achieve it.

Did you eat right today? Give yourself a star, not just a pat on the back.

If you were moving and grooving today, you are a star. Give yourself credit.

Take your supplements? You’re shining on today!

Did you lose weight? You’re green. Stay the same? You’re still golden. Gain? Now, you’re seeing red! Get back on track!

Stop by Sensational Shakes and get your chart along with a page of star stickers or download the chart online. Either way, keep shining and be the star you were meant to be!

January 2017

February 2017