In December 2013, Shake Healthy was purchased by Elizabeth Dyer, owner of The Shake Shack. In mid-January 2014, the transformation of the two businesses and their resources began.

Elizabeth Dyer, with the help of family and friends, worked diligently on the transformation. Within a year, both the location and menu were unrecognizable.

The small variety of shakes and teas that had been the entire Shake Healthy menu were quickly absorbed into that of The Shake Shack. Now, there are over 250 delicious flavors available year-round! These flavors are offered as healthy shakes, milk shakes and malts.

However, the transformation did not stop there. Aspartame was REMOVED from all shakes, as this substance is not cohesive with the healthy offerings. There are also new flavorings ,free of any artificial sweetener, available when requested.

The menu was also transformed to accommodate a variety of food allergies. Patrons can order most shakes gluten free, lactose free, soy free and more.

The Shake Shack also added a wide selection of hot foods. Protein bowls have become exceedingly popular with the healthy crowd while the biscuits have been touted as being some of the best ever eaten.

The lunch menu is also growing with the addition of the ever popular BLT Wraps. More wrap varieties will soon be available. The Shake Shack is committed to offering low calorie, flavorful options for everyone.

There is little doubt that Shake Healthy’s acquisition by The Shake Shack has yielded a new and better business that will serve its customers for years to come.