Raw Almond Flour – 10 oz by Now Foods


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Healthy Low-Carb Substitute for Flour
Naturally Occurring Essential Fatty Acids

Almonds aren’t just a healthy snack food they’re also an excellent addition to many other popular foods. Almonds can also be used to make a wholesome and delicious flour that can be substituted for white flour in almost any recipe.
NOW Real Food® Raw Almond Flour is 100% pure, unblanched, gluten-free, and low in carbs, making it a healthy, and tasty alternative to bleached white flour. Almond Flour adds a rich texture and color to your favorite baked goods.

When substituting Almond Flour for other flours used in recipes, use roughly the same amount of Almond Flour, but reduce the amount of liquid slightly. As with most recipe substitutions, some experimentation may be necessary to obtain the best results.

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