Premium Healthy Shakes


Premium Shakes

All of our Premium Shakes have an added shot of espresso to give you a boost and get you moving. Order Hot or Cold.

Express yourself with caramel and coffee
Fit Frappe
Hazelnut adds just the right blend of flavor to this favorite
Jump Start
Get your morning off to the right start with our jump start shake!
Marshamallow Madness
Are you mad for marshmallow? You will be after you try this shake!
It doesn’t get any better than this!
Let’s go! This shake will get you going with chocolate, coffee, and caramel!


Add More, Have More

  • Almonds 50¢
  • Aloe $1
  • B-12 Shot $2
  • Defense Booster $1.35
  • Fiber $1
  • Flax 50¢
  • Fruit 50¢
  • Honey 25¢
  • Energy Boosters $2.25
  • Oatmeal 25¢
  • Peanuts 50¢
  • Pecans 50¢
  • Peanut Butter 25¢
  • PDM Milk Replacement $1.65
  • Protein 75¢
  • Pro-Biotics 75¢
  • Spinach $1
  • Syrup 25¢

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