History of Sensational Shakes

December 2016

Our 40 foot wall is covered with shelves now as well. These shelves are filled with affordable, high-quality supplements, tea, snacks, baking goods, organic foods, and non-GMO products.

May 2016

Sensational Shakes would like to thank Green Construction for doing an awesome job on our new shelves. With 92 more feet of shelving, you know lots of new products are on their way, but wait, we’ve already got them filled with everything needed to make sensational shakes at home, beauty products, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.

January 2016

Our name changed to Sensational Shakes. Combing through the almost 100 names submitted for review, we had our work cut out for us. However, in the end, we decided we just didn’t want to make shakes, we want to make Sensational Shakes! Stop by and check out all of the updates and upgrades including a new menu.

October 2015

The Shake Shack is continuing to work with the FDA to add more products in its own line, Shake the Weight. It is an expansion that will cater to a much more diverse group of individuals who are looking for a less expensive healthy option to make at home. The Shake Shack is excited to be able to help customers stay on their healthy programs even during hours they are closed.

January 2015

The Shake Shack has plans to continue growing its menu in the upcoming year. Just a few of the items to soon be added include Chicken Ranch Wraps, Salads, and a Soup of the Day.

With the addition of its new equipment, The Shake Shack will also be offering Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos. Specializing in low calorie options for health conscience patrons.

Be sure to make The Shake Shack one of your regular stops when in Blairsville, GA. Try all of their shake flavors until you find your favorite. Have you had your shake today?

August 2014

Hot breakfast and lunch items were added to the menu. Healthy, low calorie protein bowls have been a huge hit with the patrons striving to lose weight but wanting a hot meal in the morning.

The Shake Shack’s cathead biscuits have proven to be a hit among Blairsville residents and more options continue to be added.

December 2013

1655834_515567041887353_895758083_n[1]By the winter of 2013, The Shake Shack had grown its menu and outgrown the small building, thus making the decision to move the business an easy one. The new location was more than triple the size!

The Shake Shack purchased competitor, Shake Healthy, and in January 2014 began the move to the larger location on Brackett’s Way.

The move proved to be a great business decision as the combination of resources from both businesses allowed the company to grow into something larger and better than either could have accomplished independently.

June 2013

Image courtesy 4bco.com

Image courtesy 4bco.com

An opportunity arose to move WAVES to a small restaurant setting. WAVES then began the transformation into a whole new business model.

A naming contest was held on-line and Dr. Floyd Beil’s “The Shake Shack” won. With a drive thru and walk-up counter, The Shake Shack began serving healthy shakes while still selling shake products to customers to make at home.

The location had been in some previous years, The Sugar Shack. So, some people came looking for ice cream and snow cones. This quickly led to the addition of these items on The Shake Shack menu.

June 2012

On the square of Blairsville, GA, WAVES for Weight Loss opened its doors as a center for health and beauty. Mostly provided services to clients on a one-on-one basis. Shakes were offered as part of a training class or sampling party. The training allowed clients to then make the shakes at home. These products are still part of the business today.

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