Imagine that you lost your job from cut backs and with your job, you lost your insurance. Now, going to the doctor or purchasing needed prescriptions is difficult to impossible.

Our community is fortunate enough to be blessed with Healing Hands Community Clinic. For the past 7 years, this clinic has served the uninsured individuals in the area. They provide much needed health care, education and help with medications.

Sensational Shakes enjoys calling Healing Hands its neighbor as they are located just 2 doors down. We have witnessed first hand the amazing results and transformations that occur due to their loving care. The clinic is staffed by an array of wonderful volunteers that help serve others, showing God’s unconditional love in the process.

We at Sensational Shakes support this clinic in any way that we can and we hope that you will join us on October 15, 2016 for their open house and 7th Anniversary Celebration. You can learn more about this event on their Facebook Page.