Slender Sticks

June 2, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

Trying to lose weight but hate drinking water? Alot of the additions that bring flavor to water also add undersirable ingredients. Sensational Shakes comes to the rescue with the new Slender Sticks! Slender Sticks are only 15 calories while being loaded with flavor, antioxidants, and several daily vitamins. Each stick is proporioned for a 16oz … Read More

Sensational Salads!

May 30, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

Try our new Sensational Salad line up! Pictured is our Summer Salad topped with fresh strawberries, honey roasted pecans and blue cheese crumbles. Also available are our scrumptious Southwest Salad with fire roasted corn, black beans, a Mexican cheese blend, tomatoes and Cajun Sticks. We also carry a delicious Garden Salad loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, … Read More

New Shelves Filled with New Products!

May 20, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

Sensational Shakes would like to thank Green Construction for doing an awesome job on our new shelves. With 92 more feet of shelving, you know lots of new products are on their way, but wait, we’ve already got them filled! Stop by and stock up on all the supplies you need to make Sensational Shakes … Read More

New Name, New Menu, and more!

May 1, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

Drum roll please! In case you haven’t heard, our new name is Sensational Shakes! With almost 100 names submitted for review, we had our work cut out for us. However, in the end, we decided we just didn’t want to make shakes, we want to make Sensational Shakes! Stop by and check out all of … Read More

Take Us With You

January 18, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

The Shake Shack has a wide variety of products for you to take home or while traveling. We want to help you stay on your plan for health and weight loss, no matter where you are.  We have made it easy to maintain your goals. Check out our selection of Shake in a Bag, Gelatin … Read More

Birthday Parties at The Shake Shack

January 14, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

If you are looking for a neat place to host your child’s birthday party, check out the Shake Shack.  We have a great space to seat up to 30 people. There are several packages available for you to host the best party in town! Use our space and let us take care of the clean … Read More

Now, Now, Now!

January 12, 2016By Elizabeth DNews No Comments

Did I say Now? NOW is one of the top nutrition supplement companies on the market and The Shake Shack is proud to have the ability to offer their full line of high quality products on our shelves. Stop by and tell us what your favorite NOW product is  If we don’t already have it, … Read More