Hot or Cold

September 27, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

Our hot weather is quickly being replaced by cool mornings. To many, this makes drinking a cold shake unbearable. However,we have great news! You can drink your shake hot not just cold. A hot shake like a thick milk more than an milkshake. A variety of flavors taste great as a shake including: Cafe Collection … Read More

It’s Good To Be Square

September 22, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

You will find a variety of squares at Sensational Shakes. Our squares are low calories,high flavor. In addition,all of our squares are baked gluten free. Our flavors vary by month,so try one often to find your favorite. Sept- Fudge Brownies Oct- Pumpkin spice Nov- Peanut Butter Bars Dec- Peppermint

Book Signing

September 21, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

On Tuesday, September 20, Pat Strickland had a book signing at Sensational Shakes. The event was a huge success as Pat revealed her new book, Shekinah Lane. In Pat’s words, the story is about: How many times have you heard people say “I wish I had asked my parents……………..”  You fill in the blanks. Shekinah … Read More

Honoring First Responders

September 11, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews 1 Comment

I remember. I remember where I was and how I felt as I watched the second plane fly into the south tower. How could I forget? I am certain you remember as well. It was a terrible day for our country, but it also brought our country together. I also remember that when everyone was … Read More

BLT Wrap

August 15, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

Have you tried a sensational wrap? Every wrap is around 250 calories. Our BLT Wrap is a delicious multi-grain wrap loaded with Romaine lettuce, ripe  tomatoes, low fat cheese blend,and turkey bacon. We top it off with a drizzle of yogurt ranch dressing. Sensational Shakes we’re only the highest quality  ingredients. Our turkey bacon is … Read More

B12 Shots ~ A Shot of Energy!

August 8, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

Feeling run down? Need an energy boost? Our new B-12 shots are just what you are looking for. This supplement will provide you with the full spectrum of B-Vitamins while giving you long lasting energy. They contain no artificial color or flavors, plus they are sweetened with Xylitol. Try a single one for only $2 … Read More

Apple Spice Squares

August 1, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

Our Apple Spice Squares are a delicious blend of apples and spices mixed with a gluten-free flour. That’s right! Great taste without the gluten and without the guilt. These squares make a fantastic snack or  grab two for breakfast.

Build Your Own

July 25, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

Here at Sensational Shakes, you can build your own smoothies! We have a variety of options to choose from, so you can create the perfect blend for your taste buds. You start with the base: Almond Milk Soy Milk Orange Juice Cranberry Juice Dairy Milk (2% or Whole) Next, you determine if you want a … Read More

Out with Old, In with the New

July 11, 2016By Elizabeth DyerNews No Comments

During the past year, we have made a lot of changes. New Name. New Menu. New Shelves. New Products. To add to it, we now have a new website. We hope you find this site to be informative, easy to navigate and loaded with information to make your menu selection easier. Comment below and let … Read More