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Body Scans – You need to know

Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply maintain your health, a body scan provides a variety of critical information to monitor. With a body scan from Sensational Shakes, you will learn your BMI, muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate, and metabolic age. Your initial scan and consultation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Each subsequent scan will take only about 5-10 minutes. Let us break down these numbers and talk a little bit more about what…

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Learn The ABC’s of Vitamins

There is a multitude of vitamins and minerals that out bodies need. The best way to get those is through a healthy well-balanced diet. However, between soil depletion and hectic lifestyles, the majority of us suffer from one type of deficiency or another. One way to help combat these deficiencies is a good multi-vitamin. I, personally, take and recommend the Now Ecco-Green Multi-Vitamin. This one contains a dose of super greens in addition to a daily supply of vitamins. For…

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Build Muscle

When you start doing strength training exercises, you want to gain muscle. During the workout, the muscle is actually tore. The body begins to rebuild that tear with additional muscle tissue. In order for this process to work, the body must have protein. The protein will either come from other muscle, an undesirable result, or from the foods we eat. I recommend a healthy protein shake about 30 minutes after the workout. At Sensational Shakes, protein powders are available in…

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What is Carob Powder?

Perhaps you have seen the Carob Powder in our store and wondered what is that? Well, Carob Powder is often used a replacement of chocolate or cocoa in recipes. Carob is similar in taste to chocolate, but does not have caffeine. For anyone with caffeine sensitivity and love for chocolate, this is a perfect solution. Carob Powder is also located with pectin, a soluble fiber and has even been used to soothe an upset stomach. Another advantage that carob powder…

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Why Green Tea?

You have probably heard that green tea is good for you, but do you know why? The green teas at Sensational Shakes are loaded with anti-oxidants and have calories burning properties. The best part is the variety of flavors. Sensational Shakes carries over 24 flavors sweetened green tea plus several unsweetened varieties.  You are sure to find your favorite. This month’s flavor is Apple Green tea.

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Is Your Salt Real?

According to Real Salt, “There is a vast difference in the quality of salts on the market today. A quick glance at the ingredients label on most salts might surprise you! Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt® brand sea salt on the other hand, is unrefined and full of natural minerals and flavor – the way salt was meant to be savored.” Sensational…

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Bring it back to life!

Is your face covered in dead skin cells? I bet you are thinking,  yuck! Not me, I don’t want that. Dead skin cells leave our face looking dull and lifeless. Luckily,  there is a simple solution – Nature’s Microdermabrasion. I, personally use this product twice a week and I LOVE how it makes my skin look and feel. The facial scrub is parable free and does an excellent job of exfoliating my skin without making it red or irritated feeling.…

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Wash away the years!

Some days, life is hard, sometimes it is more difficult than we think we can stand. All of that stress added to the pollution in the air can begin to show on our face. We cannot turn back time, but we can wash away some of the effects the years have had on us when we take good care of our skin. Proper skin care begins with using a high-quality facial wash, and my cleanser of choice is Now Clarify…

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Searching for Organic?

Are you searching for organic and Non-Gmo food products? Sensational Shakes is committed to carrying a variety of healthy products you can make at home to keep you and your family healthy. Some of our current products: Organic Almond Flour Organic Coconut Flour Soy Milk Powder Buttermilk Powder Organic Farro Organic Millet Organic Golden Flax Seed Meal Organic Raw Sesame Seeds Organic Sprouted Brown RIce Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts Tamari Almonds Organic Quinoa Macaroni Carob Powder Organic Hot Chocolate Organic…

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Now Foods

Grow Healthy with Sprouts

Sprouts are a tasty and healthy addition to any diet. Plus, they make a great salad topping. Do you know you can easily and affordably grow your own sprouts in just a few days at home? Sensational Shakes carries the Sprouting Jars for only six dollars each. Plus, we carry a selection of organic seeds that have been germinated. Sprout seeds include: Alfalfa Brocolli Zesty Sprouting Mix

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