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Be Nutty for nuts

Be Nutty For A Healthier And Longer Life

A handful of nuts a day can do wonders to a human’s body. Regular intake can help you stay full and increase metabolism. As per Piet Van denBrandt, Professor of Epidemiology, eating nuts on a daily basis protects the health of both men and women. About 10 grams a day is good enough to get the required nutrients for the body. Nutritional Value Nuts contain natural plant proteins. They are rich in energy, contain a lot of fiber, and are…

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Oatmeal - It does a body good.

Oatmeal – It Does a Body Good

Do you know a bowl of oatmeal a day can actually keep diseases at bay? Oats is one of the most nutritious and miraculous super grains that’s chock full of high soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. Now the big question is “Are you a health conscious person?” If yes, then opting for oats is mandatory as it offers the body tons of amazing health benefits. Let’s explore the excellent health benefits you and your family stand to gain from eating…

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