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Take it to go?

The Shake Shack is proud to announce the addition of the green tea flavored  concentrates To Go. Some of the benefits of green tea are its antioxidant properties, known to help boost your metabolism. Each package makes 1 gallon of tea, in all the flavors you love!  

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ServSafe Certified

The owner, Elizabeth Dyer, tested and earned Certification from ServSafe for The Shake Shack. We are continually making improvements in every area to serve our customers better. You are always on our mind.

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Have you seen this place recently?

The  interior of the Shake Shack has undergone a face lift this month! The place looks Great! Stop by and check out the changes made and the new products. You are always on our mind!

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Fit & Fabulous, The Fourth and More

July has been a busy month with community outreach on the Fourth. The Shake Shack hosted Fun, Food &  Fireworks Event.  The community came out to enjoy hot dogs, shakes and snow cones while watching the local fireworks show from our parking lot. We love our community! The response was fantastic. Patrons also had the opportunity to purchase flags, glow in the dark wands and bracelets; while others just made a donation to the Operation Sunscreen Fundraiser. The fundraiser proceeds went to…

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New Year, Ready for a New You?

The Shake Shack and The New You Fitness for Women have teamed up to provide you the ultimate weight loss challenge for 2014. This 6 week happy New Year, New You Challenge will begin on Tuesday, January 14. The cost for the challenge is $25for individuals or $40 for teams and includes weight loss classes, samples, online materials, a support group, two full body scans, and a customizable program. The support classes will meet on Tuesdays at 5:30 on Brackett’s…

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Purchase of Shake Healthy

In December 2013, Shake Healthy was purchased by Elizabeth Dyer, owner of The Shake Shack. In mid-January 2014, the transformation of the two businesses and their resources began. Elizabeth Dyer, with the help of family and friends, worked diligently on the transformation. Within a year, both the location and menu were unrecognizable. The small variety of shakes and teas that had been the entire Shake Healthy menu were quickly absorbed into that of The Shake Shack. Now, there are over…

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Lynda Parker Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Get Healthy Before the Holidays

How would you feel if you could lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds before the holidays? Well, the time is now. The Shake Shack and WAVES for Weight Loss will be hosting a 6 week weight and support group and challenge. The first class will be held Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Sign-up early because space is limited and get started on your program now! This challenge will go for 6 weeks and the cost is $25 per person or…

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Week 3 Results Are In!

The results are in and the winner again this week is Sheliah Crawford with a loss of 3 lbs! Way to go Sheliah! We are working together and challenging each other to do better every day, taking weight loss and life, one step and one day at a time. This week, our challenge to focus on exercise, being more active all of the time, not just going to a gym. We are striving for permanent weight loss, not a quick…

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Muffins are in the Shack

The Shake Shack now offers healthy muffins! Yes, muffins that both taste GREAT and are great for you as well! Made right here at The Shake Shack, they muffins are fresh out of the oven at 6:45AM every morning, and are a great way to start your day, at only $2.50! Or how about a combo with two muffins and a tea or coffee for only $5. How much did that fattening biscuit cost you? The muffins range from 149-168…

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Week 2 Results Are In!

The results are in and the winner again this week is Josie Marie with a loss of 5.2 lbs! Way to go Josie Marie! We are working together and challenging each other to do better every day, taking weight loss and life, one step and one day at a time. This week, our challenge to focus on our eating. What we eat and why eat. We are striving for permanent weight loss, not a quick fix. Come and see Elizabeth…

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Week 1 Results Are In!

The results are in! Everyone lost weight the first week of the challenge, with Karen Brendle taking first place with an amazing loss of over 7 lbs! I am so excited to see the progress made by each participant. This is a great feat considering there are 16 of us supporting each other through this journey for the next 5 weeks. How much could you lose during one of our 6 week challenges, join us next time to find out!

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Shake Shack Grand Open and Ribbon Cutting

Open House & Ribbon Cutting

The Shake Shack is hosting an open house  on September 5, 2013 with a ribbon cutting at 11 am. Come by for samples of our shakes, teas, coffees and snow cones. We have a lot to offer, so if you have been curious about our business or want to try out something new, there is no better time to check us out! The Shake Shack is a place where families can come and have fun. Mom or Dad can stay…

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