Key Lime Pie Shake

This combination of tart and sweet can’t be beat!

Call Ahead

Limeade Green Tea

Ditch Colas For Green Tea And Much Healthier You Will Be!

Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

You Have Struck Gold With A Taste That Is Very Bold!

Green Smoothie

Don’t Leave Your Health To Luck

Minty Delight Sundae

A Delight For Your Taste Buds!

Green Machine Snow Cone

It’s Great To Be Green!

Shake Enhancers

Add A Blast Of Flavor To Your Shake!

Fun Packs

You’re In Luck! A 6 Calorie Snack Loaded With Flavor!

Love in every cup

5 Anywhere Workouts

The key to working out anywhere is incorporating movements and exercises that use your own body weight so you never need any equipment. These 5 workouts are perfect for anyone who travels frequently, can’t quite make it to the gym everyday, or prefer to exercise at home. Series 1: 30-second side plank (each side) 30-second plank 10 lunges each side (20 total) 10 burpees Series 2: 10 push-ups 30 crunches 10 burpees 30-second plank 10 lunges each side Series 3:…

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Put a Spring in Your Step

Kids, school, work, and demanding extracurricular activities that have you running all over town can leave you exhausted and drained. Sometimes you need just a little pick-me-up, but before you grab another cup of coffee with a double shot of espresso there are alternative, natural ways to boost your energy and stamina. Exercise is not only a great way to boost your metabolism and reduce stress, but it “also gives your cells more energy to burn and circulates oxygen” (Harvard…

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5 Everyday Steps to Healthier Living

Everyone looks for the quick fix for all aspects to their life, so could there also be one for your health? Most people – and doctors – would say the essential steps to healthier living are to: drink water, exercise, and eat healthier. That’s because when those three steps are combined your body can start repairing and rewiring itself to do what it was naturally programmed to do – keep you alive and healthy!  So here we go, 5 steps…

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A Cure For A Craving

Have you ever just really craved a chip while on a diet and just told yourself no? Yet, all the while you are wanting it so bad that you can just taste it? I know that I have. I gave up potatoes over 7 years ago, however, sometimes I just want something crunchy to go with my wrap. I found a great option that is healthier than most – Rice Chips from Lundberg. My personal favorite is the Santa Fe…

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What’s ACTUALLY in Your Vitamins and Supplements?

Many companies produce large quantities of dietary supplements with promises and labels that claim the purest, highest quality of ingredients, and for the price the customer pays for them you can only hope they are as honest as they seem, right? The problem is that quality control for dietary supplements is left up to the companies themselves since the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, otherwise known as DSHEA1. The purpose of DSHEA was to improve the health…

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HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

Have you ever come across a HIIT workout and thought “what is that?”, well HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout is a series of high intensity moves followed by varied rest times. According to a 2014 brochure from the American College of Sports Medicine HIIT training has many benefits including: aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as improving blood pressure, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol profiles, and abdominal fat and body weight. HIIT workouts are…

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Take the First Step

Walking is a very human quality, in fact it’s what sets us apart from most other animals, but thanks to technological advances most people skip walking in their everyday lives. Even though most people see running and aerobic exercise as the ideal for healthy exercise walking and moderate exercise are also crucial for your health. According to Harvard Health, “benefits of physical activity depend on three elements: the intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise”. Even though you would need to…

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You’re A Star!

Do you have goals for 2017? I hope you do! We all need goals and Sensational Shakes is ready to help you reach your potential for wellness this year. We have created a “You’re a Star” tracking sheet for you. WATER Whatever your water goal is for a day, give yourself a star when you achieve it. EAT RIGHT Did you eat right today? Give yourself a star, not just a pat on the back. EXERCISE If you were moving…

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Anise Essential Oil

Anise (Illicium verum) is commonly called the Chinese Star Anise because of the seed pods shape. The plant itself is a medium-sized evergreen tree that grows in Northeast Vietnam and Southwest China. This current species has taken over production in essential oils from the original plant that was cultivated in parts of Egypt and the Middle East. The switch happened primarily due to the cost of production. This spicy oil with a licorice-like flavor has been used in blends, mouthwashes,…

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Take The Sensation Home

And the WINNER is Jeanette K.! Thank you to the almost 400 people that participated. A new contest will start today, so stay tuned! [RF_CONTEST contest=’3987′]

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Enter To Win – November

Join me in congratulating Joyce! She was this month’s Enter To Win Contestant! Be sure to sign-up every time you stop by for your chance to be a winner!

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‘Tis The Season To Be Stressed?

Relaxed, stress-free holidays only a dream???  The answer is here.  Try these products from Sensational Shakes: For Sleep Now Sleep Melatonin Peaceful Sleep Essential Oil Blend Nighttime Tea For Mood: Relax Now True Calm Peace & Harmony Essential Oil Blend Mental Focus Essential Oil Blend Smiles For Miles Essential Oil Blend Green Tranquility Tea

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